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Abide, Apostle, Abandon

In Jesus’ commission in Matthew 28, there is a promise that is often forgotten. The greatest gift of all - His presence! He commands His disciples to “Go and make disciples” and ends with the promise “Lo, I will be with you always”. The “Go” is with the “Lo”! He has sent us out as apostles to go and promises to be with us if we would submit to His Kingdom. Jesus' invitation to follow Him begins with us abandoning ourselves to abide with Him and be sent out as apostles to preach His Gospel. Get ready to be challenged by our friend Dick Brogden.


  • Watch the teaching below and answer the questions. REVIEW THE QUESTIONS BEFORE STARTING THE VIDEO

  • Complete the practical action step



  • Abide: Set a timer for 20 minutes of complete silence and ask God to speak to you about the next two steps.

  • Apostle: Share your testimony with someone.

  • Abandon: Give away something valuable to you.

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