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Find, Feed, Fight

In John 10:1-18 Jesus said that He is The Good Shepherd and tells us the difference between a shepherd and a hired hand. A shepherd loves his sheep and cares for them by laying down his life so THEY can have life. Conversely, a hired hand is simply in it for the money, and when a wolf attacks the sheep he runs away. A hired hand has the responsibilities of a shepherd, but not the conviction to fulfill the job. In Chi Alpha, we believe the 3-fold job of a shepherd is to Find, Feed, and Fight for the lambs of God. In this lesson, you will hear Chi Alpha’s National Training Director Alex Rodriguez talk not only about this 3-fold job we have but the “why” behind it! We don’t want to merely be hired hands and quit when things get hard. Listen to how we can be good shepherds like OUR Good Shepherd Jesus and lay down our lives for The Kingdom of God.


  • Watch this teaching and answer the questions below it

  • Listen to the podcast below

  • Complete the practical application step



  • Get to know a classmate, coworker, or neighbor & get their number.

  • Invite them to church and/or Chi Alpha. 

  • Be prepared to share how it went with the group. 

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