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Leadership Training Class


In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus declares to his followers that He has ALL authority and that they should make disciples of ALL nations, baptizing them, and teach them to observe ALL things that He has commanded. If we are true followers of Jesus then this is a command for us to make disciples that will go and make more disciples until all have heard. In order to disciple ALL people and teach them ALL things, we have to be discipled in how to win souls and train disciples. So we have created this online LTC resource for those who take LTC in the summer & want to grow in their walk with the Lord.  We want you to be equipped to make disciples for the rest of your life, we believe that if you take these resources seriously, then you will be ready to be a part of fulfilling our Kings’ Great Commission.

We're thankful to the National Chi Alpha office and Texas Tech Chi Alpha for providing these resources.

Summer 2022 Schedule

June 14: Lessons 1-3

June 21: Lessons 4-6

June 28: Lessons 7-10

July 5: Lessons 11-13

July 12: Lessons 14-15

July 19: Self assessments & exit interviews this week

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